Pope Football

The crowd is on their feet, cheering and roaring. Their hearts beat rapidly. TOUCHDOWN! This word changes the game in just one throw or run. The Pope Football season has been middle-of-the-road. Pope Varsity's season is over after the first game in the playoffs to Alpharetta High School. In the regular season, they defeated Dunwoody HS (35-34), North Atlanta (12-7), and Cambridge HS (35-6), but they lost to Chattahoochee HS (41-46), Alpharetta HS (14-37), Johns Creek HS (13-21), Walton HS (7-41), and Lassiter HS (6-42). Overall, they have scored 163, but unfortunately, have 234 points against them. However, the Pope JV is 4-2 and were on a winning streak of 2. They defeated North Springs HS (18-45), Northview HS (6-0), Riverwood HS (27-7), and Cambridge HS (12-14). They lost to Centennial HS (24-27) and Alpharetta HS (21-35). JV had 137 points for, and 99 points against. Overall, Pope's season was average, but still gives hope to future generations of Greyhounds!

-Keira Cullinan