What Shoes Should You Be Wearing this Winter?

Winter is peeking at us from behind the corner, slowly tiptoeing towards Georgia in UGGS. Along with new weather comes new fashion, and we see sweaters, parkas, and vests fill the halls. What about the often overlooked but important clothes that make or break an outfit?

That's right; I'm talking about shoes. With this new weather, warm and comfortable shoes are a must-have. I have selected the five most essential shoes for this season.

With little competition, my number one picks are the timeless brown or black UGGS. These shoes have gained repute all over the world for keeping feet warm and comfortable while complementing any outfit.

Ranking second are a pair of cozy, furry moccasins. Many find moccasins impractical at times, but they are great for home and school. My favorite aspect of them is that they are warm and weightless as indoor wear.

Next, are combat boots. Combat boots can pull together a confident look with ease. They are versatile, stylish, and simple. These shoes are a staple of winter fashion.

Fourthly, I recommend getting a pair of fashion boots. Sleek and chic, this footwear is a great addition to your shoe closet. This year, I'm looking for a pair of calf high boots with a shiny black finish to wear with skirts.

Lastly are a pair of ankle high booties. These shoes compliment any outfit and can make your jeans pop.

These five essential shoes can keep the bottom portion of your wardrobe up-to-date for winter.

-Heli Sheth