Who are we?

We are a team of 34 people who love writing and art and want to share our work with Dodgen. We love hearing different opinions and ideas, and hope to receive contributions from all students. Please contact us at dodgenherald@gmail.com for suggestions for stories and requests to write for us. 

What is student voice?

Student voice has become a buzzword, used to describe a school-aged person's complaints regarding education system. At the Dodgen Herald, we take it to mean the dissemination of students' ideas and opinions relating to global and local issues. Our writers discuss topics that they find fascinating. We are dedicated to building a sense of community through our newspaper. We provide an avenue for artists, athletes, future political activists, music aficionados, and journalists to join together and share their passions our community through writing.

-Kavita Kar

Our Contributors

Mrs. DeGennaro

Kavita Kar

Jaiya Dua

Brian Seok

Heli Sheth

Shohon Rafique

Sudha Gururaj

Kiera Cullinan

Hansika Nanduri

Saloni Jain

Eileen Zhang

Piper Pearson

Saanvi Hombiah

Camiryn Stauffer

Tisya Midha

Cynthia Ruan

Brinda Kapani

Alyssa Jang

Ebi Moshiri

Stephen Leverone

Samyukta Iyer

Dylan Chatterjea

Amna Ali

Scott Dobo

Lauren Gerard

Rob Chapman

Charlie Jin

Rohan Prakash

Anshula Katpally

Jake Hass

Arya Telang

Samiksha Sriram

Asad Yamin

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