Apple dropped the iPhone X

The new iPhone X has just been released at a jaw-dropping price of $999! According to Apple, the demand for this new phone is off the charts. Originally released as a novelty anniversary edition, this phone sold out in minutes. During Black Friday, 17 iPhone X's were sold each second!

What makes the iPhone X special? The X has implemented a new screen which covers the phone from edge to edge. It also features a face scanning option, making the process of unlocking the phone manageable. The iPhone is water and dust resistant, giving relief to those who find their phones in bags of rice all too often.

Although Apple has surpassed themselves with the new phone, is it worth it? This flashy gadget comes at a steep price. The price inflates to $1,000 when considering storage and Apple Care. In addition, repairing a cracked screen can set one back about $200, and both sides of the phone are glass. The fashionable features offered don't make the phone more functional.

With the iPhone X, you definitely get your money's worth in features; however, many of us won't use these attributes. Instead, keep your eye on the iPhone 8, at $700, if you are looking for a useful upgrade.

-Dylan Chatterjea